Ace Basic Interview Questions

Discover tips, strategies and best answers and avoid interview traps!

  • Uncover Interviewer Hot Buttons

    Learn how to spot the interviewer's style and tailor your honest answers.

  • Interactive Flash Cards

    Practice interview answers on any device. See tips, strategies and avoid traps.

  • Answering the Salary Question

    How to get the best offer without leaving money on the table. Know your worth.

Course Curriculum - Bite-sized Lessons

Our course is broken up into easily digestible 3 to 5 minute video lessons. This includes downloadable guides for every resume section designed to speed your resume creation. Free Trial on some lessons below.

  • 2
    Setting the Foundation for Interview Questions
    • Preparing to Handle Interview Questions
    • Personalizing Your Response to Interview Questions
  • 3
    Five Things to Know About Answering Interview Questions
    • How to Figure Out Your Interviewer’s Hot Buttons
    • Is Your Interviewer a Clock Watcher or a Clock Builder?
    • Using the STAR Model to structure Your Interview Question Responses
    • Applying the Mental Yardstick Rule to Your Answers
    • How to Practice Your Interview Question and Answers
  • 4
    Interactive: Practice Interview Questions
    • Flashcard Interactive Practice Interview for Basic Interview Questions
    • Interview the Interviewer - A Comprehensive Download Guide
    • Handling the Salary Question at the Conclusion of the Interview
    • Transition from Interview to Job Offer
    • Before you go...

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